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Welcome to Dahl’s Sunrise Dairy!

Our delivery service is committed to providing farm fresh, all natural, rBST free milk in glass bottles.

In addition to delicious milk delivered in environmentally friendly glass bottles and award winning butter, we deliver over 100 quality food items.

Farm fresh, ice cold Dahl’s Sunrise Dairy milk is simply the best tasting milk you can serve to your family.


Greetings to our valued home delivery customers. We want to take this time to thank you for
your support over the years and to announce a couple upcoming changes with the future of Sunrise
As you may already know, our bottling facility is in Babbitt, MN and the family farms we receive
our milk from are all within 70 miles of us. Our cooperative picks up fresh milk from the local farms in
a tanker truck and delivers milk to us for bottling each week. It saddens us to announce that the
trucking company has changed, and the new hauler is no longer willing to deliver milk to our bottling
facility effective November 1st, 2020.
In order to continue to provide the best tasting milk you can provide to your family, we have
partnered with Johnston’s family farm in Floodwood, MN where we will be relocating our bottling
facility closer to the cows and back on the farm. Jerry Johnston, his wife Cora and their five children
are excited to continue the age-old tradition of farm fresh, glass bottled milk.
What this means for you as a customer: In order to make the transition as efficient as possible
we will need to suspend all home deliveries until the move is complete and the new bottling facility is
operational. During this time, we will be working with a co-packer and continue to offer our products at
your local Whole Foods, Natural Harvest and Super One grocery stores.
Dates to remember: The last week of home milk delivery will be October 25 th -31 st . The following
week (November 1 st -7 th) your delivery driver will be making one final stop to pick up empty cases and
bottles for credit. If you would like to keep any bottles for a souvenir or to use towards bottle deposits
at your local grocery store, we encourage you to do so. Monthly statements will then be mailed out.
Once again, we want to thank you for your many years of support and patience while we work
through this transition. You are going to love Farmer Jerry!

Sincerely, The Sunrise Dairy Family


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